Competitive Audition Registration form 2021-2022

Please fill out the form below and submit to register your dancer's participation in our 2021/2022 competitive auditions. Auditions are mandatory for all dancers, both new and existing members, in order to join our competitive dance team each year. Auditions will be held at the studio on Saturday, July 24th and Sunday, July 25th. A schedule for your dancer will be emailed to you along with videos of each style your dancer will be auditioning for. Dancers will have time to learn the routine provided and will perform the routine in studio for their audition.

Please select below the styles you would like to audition for. Videos will be sent for your dancer to learn and perform at the studio on audition day for each of the styles selected.

RDC will select the style and groupings that will be most successful for each dancer.

Dancers with previous competitive experience can be eligible for extra routines. These are in addition to group dances and consist of solos, duets, trios and small groups. All extra routines must be approved by RDC. Please indicate your interest in extra routines below.
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